Women For Regional Development

Contact persons: Ketevan Khidasheli
Contact information of Community Foundation: kete63@gmail.com;
Women For Regional Development on Facebook;
Blog of the Community Foundation: www.wdrguria.wordpress.com

Geographic areal of Women For Regional Development is Guria region, directly working in 23 communities/villages, has 14 women’s groups and 4 youth groups associated, with 110 individual volunteers.

At this moment CF has awarded 9 grants with overall budget of 10.005 Georgian Laris.

Women For Regional Development was established in 2008 and officially ergistered in 2010. Organization aims to implement principles of social justice;Women and youth groups to be proactive, sustainable and responsible on their environment; the society with high civic consceousness and media literacy to be developed; womens rights to be protected and women;s participation in local decision-making to be increased. Local social and economic condition to be improved.

In order to achieve its goals, community foundation carries out trainings, workshops, seminats and delivers services.

Thematic working fields of Women For Regional Development are:

  • Women’s leadership;
  • Gender budgeting;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Reproductive rights and health; 
  • Working with children and adults;
  • Working with people with special needs; 
  • Education and skills development; 
  • Social Campaigns; 
  • Women’s human rights; 
  •  Increasing community welfare and community philanthropy;
  • Environment protection and green activism.