Shida Kartli Community Foundation For Peace and Development

Contact persons: Mariam Buchukuri
Contact information of Community Foundation: 

 The geographical coverage of the Shida Kartli community foundation’s work is 4 communities (Tirdznisi, Skra, Ditsi, Tkviavi) with 6 villages (Tirdznisi, Megvrekisi, Tergvisi, Kordi, Flavi, Skra IDP settleent) of Shida Kartli Region. 7 women’s and 1 youth group is associated with the CF.

Shida Kartli Community Foundation For Peace and Development has awarded 10 grants with total amount of 7.900 Georgian Lari.

In 2012 seven grassroots initiative leader women established Shida Kartli CF in Tirdznisi community. The strategic directions are: 

  • Protecting human rights; 
  • Putting ecology and environmental issues in the local community agenda; 
  • Improving Social and economical conditions of women; 
  • involvement in the peace building processes; 
  • Preserving cultural heritage; 
  • Supporting youth civic activism; 
  • Organizational development and fundraising.

CF is working for gender equality, which is catalizator of community development and is creating conditions for peaceful, economically strong and socially just community. With the trainings and law services CF tries to protect human rights, to help IDPs, to work with local government. With knowledge building activism Shida Kartli Community Foundation contributes to improvement of socio-economical conditon and is advancing status of women in the local communities.

The main activities of CF are

- Researching community needs; - women’s involvement for self-realization and social integration; - Advanging youth work for environmental protection and green activism; - Working with local government;

Thematic fields of Shida Kartli community foundation:

  • Women’s Leadership; 
  • Gender sensitive Budgeting;
  • Domestic Violence; 
  • Working with ethnic minorities;
  • Education and skills development; 
  • Women’s human rights; 
  • Increasing community welfare and community philanthropy;
  • Working with children and adults; 
  • Spreading the culture of volunteerism;
  • Environment protection and green activism.