Rural Women for Human Rights

Contact Person: Tamila Batsashvili
Contact Information of Community Foundation:

Geographical coverage of “Rural Women for Human Rights”is Kakheti region, Telavi municipality (Telavi city and 21 vilages).

In the frames of Community Philanthropy program Community Foundation has awarded 4 grants, with overall amount of amount of 5.075 Georgian Laris.

There are two women’s and two youth groups associated with community foundation, with 40 individual volunteers.

Rural Women for Human Rights starts operating in 2008 as community resource center funded by Taso Foundation. By the end of 2009 it registered as community foundation with following main strategic directions:

  • Protecting womens human rights;
  • Fighting against domestic and gender based violence;
  • Community welthfare;
  • Civic education

Community Foundation operates for protection of human rights by fighting against violence, through spreading democratic values with social mobilization. This causes society where each citizen feels protected and feels dignity.In order to achieve it’s mission community foundation arranges trainings,Meetings, makes grants.


Thematic Fields of Baliani Community Foundation:

  •   Increasing women’s leadership;
  • Domestic Violence;
  • Reproductive rights and health; 
  • Working with people with special needs;
  • Education and skills development;
  • Social Campaigns;
  • Women’s human rights;
  • Working with elderly;
  • working with children and adults;
  • Philanthropic activities;
  • Spreading the culture of voluntarism;