Rehabilitation and Development Charity Center “Tanaziari”

Contact Person: Khatuna Bechvaia
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The Geographical coverage of Rehabilitation and Development Charity Center “Tanaziari’s” work is Samegrelo- Zemo Svaneti region. There are 6 women’s and 4 young volunteer’s groups associated wirh the CF.

Tanaziari has awarded 150 grants with overall cost of 70.000 Georgian Laris.

Rehabilitation and Development Charity Center “Tanaziari” is a non-governmental organization with the mission to promote the assistance of vulnerable as well as internally displaced persons. The center carries out the activity based on solving women’s problems and protecting their rights.

The organization aims are to support the improvement of social-economic position of socially unsecured levels, among them IDP and their job placement; assistance in developing democratic institutions; psychosocial rehabilitation of women; development of small and middle business; support to new initiatives in the spheres of science, culture, education, art, tourism and sports and assistance in development; revelation of talented people and rendering financial, technical and other assistance for them, supporting their development; development of the third sector; implementation of the humanitarian programs;

Tanaziari was established in 2000 and is working mainly in education and consultation fields with different target groups: young people, women, children, prisoners, probationers, IDPs, vulnerable and disable people. Organization has its Medical Center established in 2004 with the project funded by “Global Fund For Women”. After project completion the medical center had been licensed and nowadays it is on self financing.

Thematic work of Rehabilitation and Development Charity Center “Tanaziari”

  • Women’s leadership;
  •  Gender sensitive budgeting;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Reproductive rights and health;
  • Working with people with special needs;
  • Working with migrants and IDPs;
  • Education and skill building;
  • Social Campaigns;
  • Women’s human Rights;
  • Working with children and adults;
  • Philanthropic activities;
  • Social Enterpreneurship;
  • Environment ptotection and green activism
  • Spreading the culture and practice of voluntary work.