Karaleti Women’s Solidarity Center

Contact persons: Mariam Tedliashvili
Contact information of Community Foundation: karaleti_kwsc@yahoo.com;
Karaleti Women’s Solidarity Center on Facebook

The geographic coverage of Karaleti Women’s Solidarity Center (KWSC) is 6 communities in 10 villages in Shida Kartli Region. There are 9 groups of women and 1 group of young volunteers associated with the KWSC, with overall 30 individual volunteers.

In the frames of Community Philanthropy progeam, KWSC made 9 grants with the value of 9.030 Georgian Laris.

Karaleti Women’s Solidarity Center was estabished in the frames of one year project “Karaleti Women’s Center for community development and for fighting against violence”, which was implemented by Taso Foundation with financial support of Norwegian and Eurasian Partnership Foundation. On the final stage of the project in June 2010 organization officially got registered. KWSC is working on women’s human tights, organizes informational and knowledge building campaigns.

KWSC is member of Anti-violence Network of Georgia, which gives Karaleti Women’s Solidarity Cente the opportunity to serve domestic violence victims with law services and so on. They work with police, community doctor, young girls and women, men, teachers of high schools in the region in order to inform them and implement the law of domestic violence.

In 2013 KWSC transformed into community foundation, which got them mandate to provide financial support to the women’s initiatives in the community and to increase the motivation for engagement of women in social life.

The values of Karaleti Women’s Solidarity Center are democracy, realised women, opennes and fighting against discrimination. With the mission of supporting the society, where violence is associated with crime in the family, KWSC uses social mobilization and defence of women’s human rights. They aim to reach the sociery where women and men are equals and democratic society where human is the highest and central value.

Strategic directions of KWSC are:

  • Protecting women’s human rights, building knowledge about women's rights and gender equality, popularization of Domestic violence law.
  • Activating youth groups, supporting their initiatives, building skills and increasing their motivation.

    Thematic work of KWSC:
  • Women’s leadership;
  • Gender budgeting;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Reproductive rights and health;
  • Working with IDPs;
  • Education and skill building;
  • Social Campaigns;
  • Women’s human rights;
  • Feminism;
  • Increasing community welfare and community philanthropy;
  • Working with children and adults;
  • Spreading the culture of volunteerism.