Community Foundation Kodori 2013

Contact Person: Eleonora Gurchiani
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 Community Foundation Kodori 2013 is covering 7 vilages in the Tetritskaro municipality, is partnering with 5 women’s and 2 youth groups. CF Kodori 2013 has made 3 grants with total value of 3.400 Georgian Lari.

In 2011 in Tetritskaro municipality, village Tsintskaro, with the support of Taso Foundation the self-help group was established, which united IDP women. with their contributions and work in 2013 (in the frame of project “Women for Equality, Peace and Development” supported by UN Women and Taso Foundation) the community foundation Kodori 2013 was established. The values of CF are teamwork, professionalism, mutual respect, gender equality, philanthropy.

The community foundation aims to work for peaceful, economicallty strong, socially just and environmentally clean environment. In order to achieve this, Kodori 2013 is implementing eductional activities, works for gender equality and conflict prevention. Partnering with local government, governmental and non-governmental organizations for solving problems in local community; providing support for IDP and socially unsecured women; organizing green actions for environmental protection.

The main activities of Kodori 2013 are following:

  •  Organizing trainings and seminars, 
  • profession and craft workshops for local community members; 
  • Regular coordination meetings with governmental and non-governmental organizations and advocating needs of local community; 
  • consulting individual needs of population.

Thematic fields of Kodori 2013’s work:

  • Women’s leadership;
  • Gender budgeting;
  • Domestic violence;
  •  working with ethnic minorities;
  • Working with IDPs;
  • Education and skill building;
  • Social Campaigns;
  • Women’s human rights;
  • Increasing community welthfare (e.g. infrastructural projects);
  • community philanthropy;
  • Working with children and adults;
  • Spreading the culture of volunteerism.