Civic Initiative

Contact persons: Nana Bagalishvili
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 Geographical coverage of Civic Initiative is 5 villages in Kakheti, Signagi municipality. The number of volunteers associated is 200.

Civic Initiative has awarded 4 grants with total ammount of 4,800 Georgian Laris.

Civic Initiative was created by students from Tsnori in 2012. Three most important programs of the organization are:
1. “advocacy campaign of Tsnori culture house”. Each year in spring and Autumn the advocacy campaigns “ Qiziki Festivals” were organized, with slogan “Tsnori needs culture house. Exhibitions and performances were held in the misused old culture house yeard and events took place on the damaged stage of the building; festival favilitated discussions between youth and local government and adressed the issue of cultural center, Eventually, in 2016 local government with the support of regional and infrastructure development ministry made decision to renew the culture house.

2. “Local government and business together for social challenges” was implemented in 2015 with local business and municipality, Civic initiative mediated the process of business taking the responsibility on social issues in the municipality and local government took responsibility to make special offers for business to be supported. With the support of local business 1. Library was established in village Esisimedi; 2.Tsnori playgrouns was rehabilitated; 3.public toilets were renewed; 4. Local spring water facillities were renewed.

 3.Knowledge Café – the social enterprise, multimedia library, book café, non-formal education center for youth and adults.

Civic Initiative Community Foundation’s mission is to increase civic activism in regions and visions Kakheti region with developing opportunities, diverse cultural-educational services, active youth and strong local government,

Thematic work of Civic Initiative:

  • Women’s leadership; 
  • Education and skill building; 
  • Social campaigns; 
  • women’s human rights; 
  • Increasing community welfare and community philanthropy; 
  • social entrepreneurship; 
  • Working with children and adults; 
  • working with elderly people; 
  • spreading and practicing the culture of voluntarism.