Baliani Community Foundation

Contact persons: Ia gogoladze; Ketevan Guruli.
Contact information of Community Foundation:
Baliani Community Foundation on Facebook

Community Foundation Baliani is operating in the Balghojiani communty in Kvareli municipality. It has two groups of women's and one group of young volunteers associated with the CF, overall with the involvement of around 20 individual volunteers.

Baliani registered as Community Foundation in 2016 and has no grantmaking experience at this moment.

 Baliani Community Foundation is carring out social campaigns about human rights and is increasing the involvement of citizens in the local governance procedures. CF has resorce center, which delivers trainings, seminars and educational programs aimed for community members.

CF is aiming rural and community development; supporting women’s rights and gender equity; protecting children’s rights. It is collaborating with organizations working on women’s rights and gender issues e.g. Taso Foundation, Women’s Informational Center, Community Foundation “Leli” and other members of the Network of Community Foundations in Georgia.

Thematic Fields of Baliani Community Foundation:

  •   Increasing women’s leadership;
  • Domestic Violence;
  • Reproductive rights and health; 
  • Working with people with special needs;
  • Education and skills development;
  • Social Campaigns;
  • Women’s human rights;
  • Working with elderly;
  • working with children and adults;
  • Philanthropic activities;
  • Spreading the culture of voluntarism;