16 days campaign against gender based violence was implemented in regions

In the frames of the project "Joint Action for Women's Economic Empowerment in Georgia" community workers and self-help group members organized 35 activities in Samegrelo, Imereti, Racha and Guria regions.

Here you can see full list of activities:


Laituri Self-help group

📍On November 25th Daba Laituri pupils listened to the training on fender equality and stereotypes at high school.

📍On November 29th SHG members saw film "Suffragists' and discussed women's rights, the history of getting with and women's rights defenders.

📍 On December 1st The film by Laituri school students was screened and discussion was organized on AIDS

📍On December 10th Daba Laituri and Naruja schools, self-government and civic club members took part in number of the activities: wrote articles on bulling, human rights; prepared thematic posters

Lanchkhuti SHG

📍On November 25th The short film "impossible dream" made by UN Women was screened. community worker shared information on 16 days activism on gender based violence and story of sister Mirebals;

📍On December 7th Lanchkhuti rehabilitation center "Iavnana"supported screening of the cartoon for kids and community worker organized discussion from gender perspective;

📍On December 9th Youth attended film screening and discussion, also they learned about history of 16 days activism and background it has;

📍On December 10th Community worker read fairy tale from "there was one girl" book which was published by UN Women and discussed the problem of bullying to St Ioane high school pupils

Dzimiti, Daba Nasakirali, Dvabzu SHGs

📍On December 5th Community worker organized seminar on GVB, domestic violence, sexual harrassment and stalking.around 50 people attended the event including pupils, teachers, parent and SHG members

📍On December 6th The film 'hidden figures ' and animation "impossible dream" was screened. discussion highlighted unequal division of workload at home, women's role in managing the household. 9 women attended the meeting, ouf of which 5 were SHG members and 4 were from community

📍On December 7th Community worker discussed GVB, domestic violence, screened animation "Impossible dream" and moderated discussion on domestic work of women. 24 people attended the meeting (22 pupils and 2 teacher)

📍 Community worker discussed GVB, domestic violence, screened animation "Impossible dream" and moderated discussion on domestic work of women. 25 people attended ( 23 pupils and 2 teachers)


Anaklia and Kakhati SHGs

📍On December 1st Youth and SHG members got informed about AIDS, learned about symptoms and prevention;

📍On December 5th  Pupils organized forum theater on the topic of gender based violence. the play was about woman who got married after high school graduation, has children in kindergarten and wants to start working, but her husband does not allow. discussion was to reflect how is it possible for woman to have life-work balance.

📍On December 6th two short films "impossible dream" and 'feminist alphabet' were screened in Kakhati, women discussed how their life is similar to the protagonist from "The impossible dream". they mentioned the importance of education on human rights

📍On December 7th SHG members of Didi Nedzi saw two short films and discussed experiences and reality of Georgian women. They mentioned that their daily routines are very similar to one given in the Impossible Dream

📍On December 10th SHG members and youth discussed women's rights. Each participant remembered one case when their rights were violated as women, children, human, discussion highlighted solutions through education on human rights and power of knowing one's rights.

Kakhati and Didi Nedzi Self-Help Groups

📍 On November 25th After screening two short films on bulling and physical violence, nearly 20 women discussed bulling at high school and various cases of violence. meeting participants got the information on 16 days activism and discussed the importance of the campaign and awareness raising in their community.

📍On November 28th Pupils created posters where they showed how happy family looks versus to the family where domestic violence occurs. Kids made notes against domestic violence and gifted the poster to city governance.

📍 On December 3rd women from anaklia community and SHG members saw the film and discussed how important it is for women to have self esteem

📍On December 4th  representatives of Nefa Foundation, SHG members and kids painted with chalks in the street to spread the word on domestic violence.

📍On December 6th  Kids and women created paintings on the topic of domestic violence, discussed ways of prevention

Kvemo Potskho SHG

📍On December 5th SHG members discussed info graphics on women's undervalued labour and screened film. Participants discussed unanimous stories and violence cases.

📍On December 10th High school pupils saw the film "Hidden figures" and discussed oppression based on gender and skin color.


Shorapani SHG

📍On November 25th Community worker organized meeting on convention on human rights and shared history of 16 days activism on GVB

📍On November 29th Local lawer shared information about women's rights to community and SHG members

Tsiplavake SHG

📍On November 25th SHG members got to know the law on gender equality and meaning of terms connected. Also the law on domestic violence, victim's protection and services

📍On December 1st SHG members discussed ways of AIDs prevention, treatments and services that government offers

📍On December 5th Community workers of Shorapani, Saghvine and Mukhebi discussed femicide, statistic data on GVB and that every third woman in the work is victim of violence

Saghvine SHG

📍 On December 1st Volunteer Guranda Zibzibadze prepared presentation, which was about GVB on global and country scale. film was screened after the presentation

📍On December 3rd Volunteer Giorgi Skhiladze, who is civic education specialist, prepared presentation on human rights defenders, their work fight and goals

📍On December 5th Medical university student Diana Zibzibadze talked baout AIDS prevention, treatment and governmental programs which are for testing, treatment and prevention

📍 On December 7th Nino Skhiladze prepared presentation on the topic "social and economic development', which addressed the issue of low employment rate, qualification issues and lack of well-educated specialists

On December 10th  Shorapani, Saghvine, Mukhebi community workers organized joint meeting on femicide and statistics on gender based violence



📍 On December 1st SHG members discussed literature on AIDS and discussed stigma that follows the disease

📍 On December 7th Ambrolauri school students attended discussion on GVB, learned about 16 days of activism and the aim of the campaign

mentioned self-help groups  are generously supported by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the UN Women-led two-year program “Joint Action for Women’s Economic Empowerment in Georgia